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Facilities of the Foundation.

The Asuka General Information Bureau

The Bureau is providing suitable advice for Asuka tour to the visitors.

The Bureau was built in the style of old farm house of Yamato at the cost of 18 million yen. It was opened in March 1973 in the yard of Asuka station of the Kintetsu line. Visitors are able to collect background knowledge about Asuka using reference materials. Information about private houses providing bed and meals in Asuka is also available in the Bureau.


The Guidance Corner
Showing two, three, four and five hours field trip route of Asuka, by a map and colour slides of popular archaeological sites.


Reference Corner
Books, picture cards and audio tapes about history, old traditions and songs of Asuka are available.


Advisory Corner
Offering advise about public transport, historical sites or ceremonies and festivities of the area. Also first aid for emergency is available.

telephone 81+744 54 3624


Facilities of the Foundation
The Takamatsuzuka Mural Hall


Reproduction of "Beauty of Asuka" more than a thousand years old.


In March 1972, the Takamatsuzuka Kofun was aroused from its thousand and several hundreds years of slumber in the excavation of the Kashihara Archaeological Research Institute commissioned by Asuka village.
Richly colored wall paintings and precious grave goods found in the crypt were said to be the most important archaeological discovery in Japan after the second world war.
The wall paintings were designated to national treasures, and the tumulus was designated to a national historical site. The crypt was tightly sealed to preserve the wall paintings.
To raise the fund for the preservation the paintings and protection of the surrounding environment, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications issued memorial stamps including donation.
Receiving this fund the Asuka Preservation Foundation made a public garden around the tumulus and constructed the Takamatsuzuka Mural Hall to exhibit the reproduction of the sealed paintings.
The Hall was opened to the public in March 1977, and in December 1979 the Emperor made an official visit to this hall.
In here, visitors can see copies of wall paintings in excavated condition, in partially restored and in fully restored conditions, along with the full-sized replica of the crypt and burial goods.
The Hall showing the full particulars of the Takamatsuzuka is one of the inevitable spots for the site seeing in Asuka.


Facilities of the Foundation
The Lodging for Public Education, "The Iwaido-So"


A convenient lodging for group tours


The Lodging is located in a corner of the National Asuka Park, looking to the east the peak of Tonomine famous in the connection of the Fujiwara clan, and surrounded by the pleasant murmuring of the Asuka river.
It provides a convenient and comfortable accommodation for students or groups visiting Asuka all the year round. Here we serve dinners using wild herbs gathered in Asuka.
Also Open lectures by experienced scholars are held in compliance with the request of the visitors.

Special set meal in ancient style
: served by order for groups of over ten people.



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