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The objective of the Foundation.

One may call the Asuka district a home land of Japanese hearts.
About one hundred years, from the reign of Empress Suiko to Emperor Tenmu, this region was the capital of the growing nation. In this period (the Asuka era), Japan was unified into one country and foundation of the nation was set. It was at this time that this country adopted much of the relatively matured culture of the continent. Buddhism was introduced to this place and ancient Japanese culture saw its prime flower here.
Many archaeological sites, such as ruins of imperial palaces, Buddhist temples, shrines and burial mounds from 7th century are clustered in this area, testifying the development of early Japanese history. And natural landscape still showing the traces of scenes admired by Manyo poets recalls in our mind a yearning for the ancient times.
Yet the wave of land development of present time is reaching to the surrounding area of Asuka. If the situation is left to take its own course, this area would be encroached by this wave and precious historical heritage of the nation would be destroyed by and by.
We appealed to the government and to the general public the need of national movement for the protection of Asuka district in this situation.
In response to our appeal, the government adopted a resolution to preserve the area in a Cabinet meeting in December 1970. It consisted of an regal act for area preservation, a decision to support the improvement of environment and the welfare of present residents. We appreciate this resolution of our government as a first positive step for the preservation of Asuka.
The policy of the government is a very important factor, but a policy alone is not sufficient to accomplish the aim, and the government pleaded for wide cooperation of civilians in various aspect.
The Asuka Preservation Foundation was established, by those who are concerned to the matter, to promote the movement from the side of civilians, joining hands with the national and regional government.



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